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PATIENT ROOM (click on image for description)

  1. Patient lift battery operated HD
    patient lift electric battery operated. Powerful and reliable. portable. Heavy duty
  2. Non-Tilt Overbed Table
    overbed table hospital bed stable mobily light weight easy to use
  3. 3 Position Recliner patient chair
    3 Position Recliner patient chair durable material versatile
  4. Bed Rail
    bed rail assistance getting into and out of bed aadl mattress/box spring/bed frame
  5. Ecconomy iv pole
    Ecconomy iv pole rubber wheels provide for a smooth transport and maneuverability Calgary
  6. M Rail
    M RailSpecial extra-long safety strap  single, twin, double, queen or king size bed
  7. IntelliPAP®2 AutoAdjust® CPAP System
    IntelliPAP®2 AutoAdjust® CPAP System Calgary Medical Supplies NW Foothills Hospital
  8. Aloha™ Nasal Pillow System
    CPAP nasal pillow system. Medical Supplies Calgary NW. sleep apnia
  9. ComfortFit Full Face CPAP Mask
    ComfortFit Full Face CPAP Mask sleep apnia Calgary medical supplies nw.